A Britax car seat sits on a table.

Britax is one of the best-known car seat brands, and the Britax Grow With You convertible car seat can be great for toddlers. The selling point of this car seat is in the name, as it promises to excel in versatility and longevity. The forward-facing car seat accommodates children starting at 25.0 pounds and at least 34.0 inches tall.

We tested the Britax Grow With You ClickTight Plus, which is almost identical to the Grow With You but includes an additional layer of padded protection. We recommend this car seat as one of the best car seats for toddlers because of its obvious material quality and durable construction.

Britax Grow With You Overview And Features

A Britax car seat sits on a table.
Britax Grow With You ClickTight Plus
$310 Amazon
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-to-clean, removable padding
  • High-quality straps and buckles
  • Hard to install
  • Difficult to adjust

A durable car seat with comfortable padding. At $300, the Grow With You ClickTight Plus is costly, but not the most expensive car seat. You can find a highly rated toddler car seat for as low as $90, though most cost in the $200 to $300 range. While this car seat tops that range, its construction is exceptional and may last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Key Features

  • Child weight range: 25.0 to 120.0 lbs.
  • Height range: 34.0 to 64.0 in.
  • Car seat weight: 26.5 lbs.
  • Machine-washable padding

The weight limit and height limit are slightly higher than many other all-in-one car seats, which often go up to 100.0 or 110.0 lbs. The height range for the Grow With You is especially high (others top out below 60.0 in.), making this a good pick if your child is too tall for other convertible seats.

Britax Grow With You Testing Process

A Britax car seat in installed in the back of a vehicle.

In order to provide the best recommendations, our team has extensively researched and tested child car seats – including infant car seats, toddler car seats, convertible car seats, and high-backed boosters. We ran the Britax Grow With You ClickTight car seat through this process so we can recommend it as one of the best toddler car seats.

To test the Britax Grow With You, our review team installed it into the back seat of a sedan. In addition to inspecting the materials in person, we noted the ease (or difficulty) of installation.

We attached the Grow With You by using the car’s built-in infant seat anchors or vehicle seat belt. We then adjusted the seat to its multiple configurations. Our review team gives the highest marks to car seats that feature intuitive design elements and durable materials.

Ease Of Installation

To be sold within the United States, a car seat must pass federal safety standards. However, even the best-designed car seat is unsafe if installed improperly. For this reason, the simplicity or difficulty of installing a car seat is an important consideration when selecting the right product.

The design of a car seat’s anchor clasps can make a big difference in the ease of car seat installation. We noticed two types of anchor clasps during our testing process: a plain metal anchor and a buckle anchor (both displayed below). Buckle anchors (or latch connectors) are easier to attach and release. Seats with this type of anchor scored higher for ease of use.

Plain Metal Anchor

Plain Metal Anchor, car seats hooks

Buckle Anchor

Buckle Anchor, car seats hooks


Toddlers develop quickly, so it’s important that a quality car seat be adjustable in order to comfortably accommodate children as they grow. This is important for child safety consideration. Some toddlers may require a booster car seat configuration while others don’t.

Quality Of Materials

The best car seats for toddlers each include strong and secure straps. Other common and worthwhile safety features include flame-resistant padding and additional side impact protection.  However, some car seats have more adjustable straps and more robust buckles. Fine construction and durable materials are not only safer, but they last longer. Seats that scored highest in this category feature metal (rather than plastic) buckles and easy-to-use cinching mechanisms.

Why You Can Trust Us

Each year, we test over 350 auto products on vehicles and in our testing lab. A team of product testers thoroughly researches top products, unboxes and puts our hands on each component, and tests the items on real vehicles before making recommendations to readers.

We publish hundreds of product and service reviews to bring car enthusiasts detailed guides on automotive tools, detailing kits, car seats, pet products, and much more. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

What We Like

The Britax Grow With You is a good car seat for parents who want peace of mind. While most car seats you will find for purchase are safe, the Grow With You feels safe because of the steel frame and several layers of side impact protection. The removable padding is easy to clean and made from flame-retardant materials. The Grow With You ClickTight Plus (the model we tested) even includes an extra layer of padding.

Another benefit of this car seat is the adjustability. Not only will this car seat hold up for several years, it can also accommodate children between 34.0 and 64.0 in., and may be the last car seat you’ll ever need to purchase.

What We Don’t Like

As mentioned, the Grow With You is a little costly for a toddler car seat. That said, its superior, durable construction makes it unlikely to wear down very quickly, meaning you may end up paying less than if you buy a cheaper car seat you’ll have to replace sooner.

Though it is durable, the Grow With You is heavy. This makes it harder to handle and install than other car seats. And while ClickTight installation is simple, the five-point harness can be difficult to adjust.

Britax Grow With You Reviews

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 2,800 ratings

The most consistently praised feature of the Grow With You is its durability. Many parents comment on the sturdy feel of this car seat and the peace of mind that it provides. This larger car seat is roomy and many children find it comfortable.

This large size does have some drawbacks. It is not the best car seat for airline travel, and many note (as we have) that this seat can be difficult to adjust. Something that we didn’t experience, but which was mentioned by multiple reviewers, is that the headrest is prone to breaking if mishandled. This piece can be replaced, but costs around $20.

Positive Britax Grow With You Reviews

“My daughter was in a car accident and this car seat definitely did its job! I’m so thankful for that.”

– Brittany, via Amazon

“Unfortunately, [I] got into a very bad accident and [my] car rolled downhill. Severe damage to [the] car but not a scratch on [our] baby inside. The Britax car seat kept my 2-year-old perfectly safe.”

– Sabit Bikas P., via Amazon

Negative Britax Grow With You Reviews

“Someone was getting in [the] back seat and was holding the top of the seat and the styrofoam headrest completely snapped in half.”

– Emily, via Amazon

“[Two] different Britax seats. Black foam piece of headrest broke.”

– M., via Amazon

Our Take On The Britax Grow With You: 4.3 Stars

The Britax Grow With You is our go-to choice for a heavily padded, durable car seat for toddlers. When your child is transitioning from a rear-facing seat to a forward-facing car seat, the Grow With You can reliably serve for years. It has many of the most common useful features of a car seat including several recline positions, armrests with cup holders/snack holders, and a no-rethread adjustable harness.

Overall Rating4.3 out of 5
Ease of Installation3.5
Quality of Materials5

You might consider a different car seat if you often need to remove and reinstall your car seat, as the Grow With You is heavy and harder to install than some other options. At around $300, this is nonetheless an excellent value.

Britax Grow With You: FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Britax Grow With You car seat.

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