Nexar One Dash Cam

The Nexar One Dash Cam is a high-quality and reliable camera to capture every angle both inside and outside your vehicle while driving or parked. Released in 2021, the Nexar One offers live streaming, GPS tracking, real-time notifications through the Nexar AI Dash Cam smartphone app, and countless other features.

Our team tested the Nexar One and loved its easy app user interface and video resolution. This review is specific to the Nexar One, an affordable dash cam that delivers on video quality and helpful features.

Nexar One Dash Cam Overview And Features

Nexar One Dash Cam
Nexar One Dash Cam
$279.95 Nexar
$289.99 Amazon
  • Post-collision reporting
  • Smartphone app
  • 4K camera resolution
  • Exterior and interior cameras
  • Free and unlimited Cloud backup
  • Large and slightly bulky
  • Monthly payment required for exclusive features

Featuring easy installation and excellent video quality, the Nexar One is a sleek, modern dash cam that comes in at a competitive price point. Get this dash cam if you’re looking for added protection for your vehicle and peace of mind on the road.

Key Features

  • Cost: $399.95 Now $279.95 with promo code Nexar-VIP*
  • Connects via Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi
  • Nexar AI Dash Cam smartphone app
  • Night-vision technology
  • 4K resolution
  • Post-collision reports
  • Parking mode
  • Live streaming
  • Exterior-facing camera records at a 140-degree angle
  • Interior-facing camera records at a 160-degree angle

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What’s In The Box?

Included in your purchase of the Nexar One dash cam, you’ll receive an interior cabin camera attachment and a +Connectivity Bluetooth attachment. While unboxing, you’ll also find all the essential mounting and wiring accessories for a fairly simple and customizable setup. 

Nexar One Testing Process

Nexar One Testing Process

Ease of Installation

To test the ease of installation, we wanted to determine the amount of time and degree of difficulty it took to get the Nexar dash cam installed in our testing vehicle, a Hyundai Santa Fe. This score also considers the simplicity or difficulty and time it took for our testing team to adjust and readjust the dash camera to capture the right angles.

Video Quality

We tested the video quality of the Nexar One by determining the clarity of the dash cam footage we recorded. We wanted to see how well the dash cam processes video and captures angles. By driving around in our testing vehicle, we also checked to see how well the dash camera picked up license plates, road signs, and passing vehicles.

User Interface

To test the user interface, we looked at the smartphone app, Nexar AI Dash Cam, which can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. We determined how simple the dash cam was to connect to our smartphone, an iPhone 14 Pro Max with the latest iOS update. Lastly, we wanted to see how easy the footage was to save, review, and upload from the smartphone onto a computer or into the iPhone Cloud storage.

Extra Features

Our team has tested multiple dash cams, which helped us to compare the features of the Nexar One against other cameras. We looked at features of the Nexar One including parking mode, event detection, and motion detectors.

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What We Like

Overall, this dash cam was enjoyable to test and simple for us to use. We found installation to be incredibly quick and easy, with a strong magnetic mount attachment to the dash cam and a sticky adhesive to attach the Nexar One to our windshield. While we didn’t hardwire this dash cam into our vehicle, we used the included power cable and 12.0-V DC adapter, making it easy to get the camera started and running.

We were amazed by the video quality of this dash camera, even in different light conditions. Attached just below and slightly off to the side from our car’s front rearview mirror, we found it capable of capturing angles and license plates of cars in front of the vehicle.

We liked the overall interface of the Nexar app that we downloaded for testing. Our product testers found the video footage simple to download onto our device and save to cloud storage, which was easy enough to upload onto our team member’s computer, an Apple MacBook Air.

The features are comparable to many other dash cams we’ve tested including Vantrue, Viofo, and Garmin dash cam models. We did like how this dash cam offers live alerts through the app, real-time remote streaming, a live built-in GPS dash cam tracker, and a g-sensor function to detect impact or sudden motion changes while driving.

What We Don’t Like

While the Nexar One has a fairly sleek design, we found this camera somewhat bulky and heavier than other dash cams. It took up a fair amount of space on our front windshield, so we definitely recommend keeping the camera central and directly underneath your rearview mirror to help prevent any impact on visibility.

We did find connectivity to be somewhat of a hassle when using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get the dash cam and the Nexar app wirelessly connected. It took a few tries, but the connection between both devices was reliable and consistent after we were able to gain a connection.

Nexar One Dash Cam Reviews

The Nexar One has just over 60 reviews on Amazon, with an overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 stars. Our experience is fairly similar to the handful of reviews available on Amazon

Positive Nexar One Reviews

Positive reviews of the Nexar One highlight the high-quality adjustable field of view, ease of use, and the peace of mind this dash cam gives buyers while driving.

As a responsible driver, I recently invested in the Nexar One car dash camera, and I must say, it has truly exceeded my expectations. This compact device has become an invaluable addition to my vehicle, providing me with peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road.

– Sima D. via Amazon

“I recently bought the Nexar One 4K Dash Cam and wanted to share my impressions on it. It’s an excellent complement to any vehicle. Even in low-light circumstances, the video quality is remarkable. The AI-powered features, such as collision alarms, provide me added peace of mind while driving. It was simple to set up, and the mobile app makes it simple to access and share recordings. Overall, it’s a good option for increasing road safety and capturing those on-the-road moments.

– Teresa Y. via Amazon

Negative Nexar One Reviews

Negative reviews emphasized connectivity issues, especially when it came to Bluetooth and connecting the dash cam to their smartphone via the Nexar AI Dash Cam app.

Wouldn’t connect, so got a S21 Ultra as it is listed as compatible, still won’t connect. Did all the tech support lists on how to get it to work, never worked. Returned it and got the Nexar Pro instead. Had one since 2021 and works great. Not all the options of the One, but at least I know it will work.”

– N. King via Amazon

Poor Bluetooth connection and doesn’t pick up any signals when properly installing in [the] beginning.

– David via Amazon

Our Take On The Nexar One Dash Cam: 4.4 Stars

Vantrue camera in action



The Nexar One is a high-quality dash cam designed to capture every moment whether you’re driving or parked. The camera was easy to install, offers great video quality, and has both an interior and exterior camera with adjustable angles to enhance your field of view.

Overall Rating4.4 out of 5.0
Ease of Installation4.5
Video Quality4.5
User Interface4.0
Extra Features4.5

Overall, our team of experts would recommend this product. However, we agree with the reviews from Amazon buyers that had issues with connectivity. We did find the pros to outweigh any cons of this dash cam. If you’re confident in your tech skills, connectivity might take one or two tries, but it shouldn’t deter you from purchasing this camera if you’re looking for some extra features and a reliable smartphone app.

Nexar One Dash Cam: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the Nexar One.

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